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Vang Vieng

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For a couple of years Michelle followed the common advice of practicality by pursuing a path that would lead to a job, a career and an income. In college she earned a degree in Business Management and a Master in Hotel Management. For 8 years she lived an adventurous life studying and working in beautiful hotels and resorts set in exotic locations across the globe.
It was a couple of months before turning 28 that life shook her up and set her onto a path of growth and discovery. Although her initial draw towards yoga had been a way to understand intriguing life questions and develop herself, she soon realized the skills and insights she was developing were beneficial to others as well.

At the age of 30 Michelle left a career in hospitality behind and made her way to India to learn from masters and deepen her understanding of yoga with the intention in her heart to return and live a more meaningful path by constantly working on uplifting others lives through yoga, on and off the mat. Her own personal experience and watching how people become more alive, happier and conscious through yoga is her motivation.

Her classical understanding of yoga is used in her BLY Short Courses as a way of supporting others developing a personal daily practice which can then be followed at the comfort of their homes. Likewise, her experience in Vinyasa Flow gained through her practice in top studios in Bali, Indonesia and yoga shalas throughout India is reflected in her BLY Gentle Flow, BLY Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow classes where a mindful attention to breath and movement takes us to the present moment.


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