Beverly Akhurst

Vancouver, BC

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I approach the sharing of Yoga as if I were a guide. I am here to assist you in finding all the ways in which you can work with the body you are blessed to have, in order to build a healthy, strong and physically, mentally and spiritually rewarding practice. There is no such thing as too stiff, too old, too young, too distracted or too mellow. There is something in yoga for everyone because it allows you to become happy with who you are in this moment.
I have had numerous injuries, asthma, a heart issue and a body that does not bend like a pretzel, and I will happily share the gifts my teachers have given me which allowed me to find joy in my body, my life and each moment as it arises, while accepting that I am human and will always be working on finding my full self.
I look forward to seeing you at my studio on Granville Island (Ocean Breath Yoga), where you will have the time and the space to find your true self.


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