Bhakta (Leslie) Johnson

Lakewood, CO
United States

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Bhakta has over 3,000 hours of training through Master Yoga Teacher Institute. She has practiced yoga since her early twenties. Her first introduction to Svaroopa® Yoga was in a weekend workshop with Swami Nirmalananda in Minneapolis, MN. She continued to practice Svaroopa® Yoga from that point on.

Having suffered from back pain for many years this yoga not only addressed her pain but gave her a new level of comfort in her body along with an expanded awareness beyond the limitations of her body and mind. She began teaching Svaroopa® Yoga in 2002 after taking the Foundations course (she now travels nationally to teach this course). She received her training from Swami Nirmalananda, (Rama Berch), the founding president of Yoga Alliance, master teacher and originator of Svaroopa® Yoga, founder of Master Yoga Foundation and Svaroopa Vidya® Ashram

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