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Bharath Shetty was born in a small village next to the temple town Udupi in Coastal Karnataka. He was drawn to Yoga after experiencing the alleviation of his sufferings from chronic asthma. He continues to practice Yoga and has benefited from good health ever since. His first teacher was Mr. Kumara in Shantivana Trust, a Yoga and Naturopathy center close to his home.

To spread the benefits of Yoga to masses he decided to become a professional teacher. In this pursuit he has undergone training under legendary Iyengar, Pune one of the most inspiring and revolutionary teahcers in 21st Century; which has helped him gain deep insight into the Iyengar brand of Yoga. Today he is a certified teacher with qualifications from the Indian Yoga Institute, Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore (A - Grade), International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Trivandrum (Grade - Excellent) and was awarded Yoga Siromani and Yoga Acharya titles on completion of his training. Bharath is the winner Himalaya Yoga Olympiad (Indian National Yoga championship) in the years 1998, Haridwar and 2001, Bangalore.

After having learnt and practiced Yoga for a long time under various gurus, he founded the 'Creative Yoga Center' in 1998 at Bangalore and this marked a new beginning in his teaching career. He not only taught daily yoga classes in his studio but was also contracted to major MNC's in Bangalore like ANZ Information Technology, Oracle etc. to offer regular classes to their employees in their own premises.

He has been organised with several Workshops in Malaysia, Switzerland, Bangkok, Belgium, Germany, Bangalore, Bombay and locally in Mysore. He has also organised many workshops in Union Bank of Switzerland, Oracle, ANZ Information Technologies, Theorems in Mysore and regularly holding a group of workshops for the Staff Management and other visitors who come to visit Mysore.

In 2005 he relocated to Mysore and rechristened his school as 'Yoga India' and continued imparting regular Yoga lessons and also renamed it as 'Aananda Yoga Indea' . Now he is the Director of Aananda Yoga Indea and Yoga Bharata in Mysore. He also focuses on Pranayama,Kyiya, Meditation and special Therapy classes for women, children and ailing people. Since 2005 he has been conducting Teacher’s Training courses, which are internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance USA. Till date, he has successfully trained over 650 + certified teachers from more than 60 countries all over the world. On personal front, he is married to Archana Shetty from his hometown. They are blessed with two daughters - Aajna Shetty and Abijna Shetty.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

20 Reviews

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Amazing Teacher!

I came accross Bharath's school on the Internet. Coming from an Ashtanga Background I was appealed by the fact that he studied with Iyengar, I knew there would be some emphasis on alignment.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of teaching. Bharath puts more emphasis on awareness, on feeling the body and the breath in each pose to get in touch with the subtle energies involved.

While never neglecting the technical part, I think we are in touch with the essential part of yoga when we come to Bharath's school.

I would strongly recommend to anyone!

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I had different ideas about yoga being taught as a subject.I was very pleasantly surprised at the manner in which my guru Bharath shetty went about conveying all the aspects of yoga in detail...I was able to grasp the techniques and finer nuances of yoga only because of his patience and encouragement.
He is truly an excellent teacher, apart from being a very interesting and wonderful human being.I will forever cherish my association with him.

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Advanced Teachers’ Course IYA 500 was amazing

Having done Bharath Shetty’s, Foundation Teachers’ course a year ago, I came back to do his Advanced teachers’ course. This course is what it states - an advanced course! It really takes you deeper into the practice of yoga which is not just the physical body, involves action (karma yoga) but should lead you to a deep state of meditation. This aspect is beautifully taught through the philosophy lectures on Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita.


As I am more a Hatha practitioner and teacher myself, this course does focus on Vinyasa but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the Indea Yoga Vinyasa sequence which was well within my means a practice because it is progressively taught.

Some quite advanced asanas are taught in the evening sessions, and I found my body opening up into these postures by the end of the course. Great triumphs for me are that I am becoming confident in Ardho Mukha Sirsanana (Hand Stand) and Pincha Mayurasana (arm balance) amongst some other quite complex asanas which I was never able to do before. I still need some more work, but this is the start and he has given me a toolbox of tools to help with my further development of my own practice and my teaching.

Bharath’s knowledge of asana, as always, is amazing and he taught us how each asana has a series of interlinking asanas which you can take you deeper and deeper.

Other additional aspects of this course involve understanding and experiencing the kriyas (cleansing techniques of Hatha Yoga). Some of them are very complex and required a lot of patience from Bharath and his wife, Archana. They taught us these valuable techniques with gentleness and kindness, and therefore I experienced the full benefits of practising this from eye exercises (Trataka) and to intestine cleansing (Shanka Praksalana).

It is a complete overall package in advanced yoga teaching and includes deep work as well in mudras, meditation, philosophy and beautiful satsang in the evenings. The course also focuses how yoga as a therapy and how it can help people with medical conditions.

You’ll come out extremely fulfilled and much stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.

Bharath ShettyFebruary 16, 2015
Looking forward to meeting you at TTC Advance +

Dear Duncan,

Thank you for your review. Such reviews enthuse us to continue our work.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Bharath Shetty is an amazing teacher! Thank to him, I built strong bases for my yoga practice, and learnt how to teach safely. His method has an important spiritual side, but he lets us free to discover it ourselves. Thank you for making me grow so much!!

Bharath ShettyFebruary 13, 2015
Thank you Alexia

Dear Alexia,

It was nice to see your review on Yoga Trail. Such reviews reenergise. Keep in touch with the site for future updates.

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best at asanas

he is knowledgeable and a friendly person too.

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false dichotomies

False dichotomies: He demonstrates and thoroughly explains (Iyengar heritage), but emphasizes awareness rather than muscle groups.
He is very friendly, approachable, caring, but always the teacher.
Adjustments just right. Not too much.
Teaching very good thanks to feedback and opportunity to teach to small group.
Concerned about safety (who is tired?), but motivational and yet stress on avoiding burnout.
Focus on body and awareness rather than muscles.


Most difficult: finding accommodation, do not leave it late.
Bharat is strict, but caring and supportive. Participants are warned to be on time and asked and reminded to remain silent in the shala. There were repeat reminders on studying (2h daily) to avoid failing the exam. This creates a powerful and energizing atmosphere. The centre is interested in providing continuous support even after the course. His family prepared a festive dinner and almost all trainee teachers signed up for a day trip on the final day of the course.

Best structured with a gentle first week doing therapy series in the afternoon session to avoid burnout. Content is very limited on philosophy, condensed to around 5 pages on the manual, and long on asana technique: thorough presentation of each asana including common mistakes. Trainees have to teach at least 4 asanas once a week to a small group of fellow students and some are also called to teach them to the entire class after breakfast break. Feedback is provided by fellow trainees. Best for gaining teaching experience. Sequencing is made easy by grouping the foundation asanas.

Bharat has formed a definite idea and presents a synthesis of traditional or hatha yoga and elements of ashtanga. Asana practice should not be forced but represent repeat practice. Thus practising the therapy series thrice daily would invariably result in an improved state.

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the best teacher

Yoga teaching at his pure essence . Bharath Shetty is an excellent caring teacher that believes into the real yoga .

Being is student has been a life experience , and I am proud to advocate his teachins now in Playa del Carmen , Mexico .

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My Inspiration

My practice of yoga under Bharat was started when I had joined to do TTC under his guidance. I have practiced under so many teachers. But I have not seen such an experienced, dedicated & humble teacher in my journey of this world of yoga. I like his teaching style which helps you to make a strong base of foundation of any asanas and from which it automatically prepare your body to do the advanced one.


At the same time you will learn to get connected to your breath & able to bring the balance between mind and your body. I have learned how to live every moment of my life, without any expectation, not only from the world from myself also. His teaching shows us to do our abhyasa (practice with focus) without any expectations from it. He is my guru and my inspiration.

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Inspiring teacher

Bharat was consistant in his teaching style and personality throughout my one month training program. He is a man at peace with himself and the world. Always smiling, willing to offer help, answer questions and very patient.
I was very happy to have met him and hope to return soon.

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For me he is the best guru in the whole world

Yogacharya Bharath Shetty .. So much to say about this wonderful soul..he is full of positive energy , love and compassion .. He is an amazing guru with loads of knowledge on yoga .. Extremely simple soul with least expectation from all .. Very disciplined and Strict, but at the same time very very approachable .. What a fabulous teacher he makes .. I am grateful and I feel honoured to be his student.


I did a one month teacher training course in the month of February and it's probably the best decision of my life .. Yogabhyasa under yogacharya Bharath Shetty has changed my life and is the greatest experience ever ..
He has designed the foundation course with a lot of care ,thought and perfection.
Overall I have a lot of regards and respect for mr . Bharath Shetty .. He is made of steel and still very subtle and kind from within.. Such a perfect guru.. Thank u very much dear sir

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An enlightening experience!

I had the privilege to attend one Teacher training with Bharath Shetty and I am going to a second one in a few days. The reasons is that, after my first time studying under this amazing teacher I came back felling that I had improve my self-awareness, I had a deeper sense of well-being, had a greater self-acceptance and a sensation of being in peace. Also, I had improved as well as learned so many yoga postures.


I left with so much more knowledge on asanas, not only the technical side but the benefits and limitations. The way that Bharath Shetty share is deep knowledge on yoga is with so much humbleness and the sincerity that you feel empowered by his teaching. Take the time for yourself and attend any of the teaching class from him and you will feel a difference within yourself!
Sylvana Gelinas

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A real authentic yoga teacher training center

I did my 500 hours from yoga India. It is one of the best teacher trainings around. Bharath is knowledgeable, patient and sincere In his yoga journey. There is a high amount of discipline and the course is well laid out. I learnt a lot and started my yoga teacher career after training with Bharath. Today I am successful and I would recommend yoga India training to anyone who is serious about learning yoga in India.

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Amazing teacher

I did a TTC with Bharath in Jan 2014 and can say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. A focused and driven teacher, a beautiful environment, a wonderful family and a genuine and compassionate teacher. He worked us very hard indeed!!!

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A True Yogi - It was an amazing experience for me..

I found the techniques of Bharath Sir very powerful, and his passion towards life and spirituality to be genuine and inspiring.
Sir's teaching of adjustments helps you learn how to approach each student individually.
I am glad that i did Yoga Teachers Training Course with Bharath Sir!
Thank You!!

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A mixture of a great friend and a great yoga master

Balanced in all aspect, very friendly and strict, very spiritual and down to earth, knowledgable, great friend, follows up on all students with no exceptions, loves all the same, always there 24/7 to hear students problem either related to their yoga progress or personal related issues.

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a great Guru

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What makes a Teacher?

Bharath is an extremely humble being. He does not claim to be a leader, rather just a creature seeking the features of a teacher. And he nails it. I truly believe in the saying, "The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see". Bharath totally embodies this philosophy, which made studying with him such an enlightening experience. He has a practical approach to yoga.


His knowledge of yogic philosophy is extremely thorough, yet he does not force his knowledge or beliefs on anyone. He will share his insights with the class, encourage you to ponder what he is saying and draw your own conclusions, instead of having blind faith in his words. Rather than classifying it as right or wrong, Bharath says "simply contemplate these things". A true teacher.

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Simple, humble and prolific teacher

Bharath Shetty, is a teacher with both heart and head. Grounded yet in flight. Simple and profound. Yogic and real. Lives by what he teaches and leads by example. A true yogi and a wonderful teacher.

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I always say that finding a Guru like Bharath Shetty was like hitting the jackpot!He is an outstanding teacher and worth every penny I spent.I find that his teaching has transformed the way I self-practice my own routine and also how I now perceive life.
You can also count on Bharathji's continued support even after you've left his shala.He's never too busy to answer the most banal of questions.
Anyone who works under his guidance will find that their yogic experience is taken to a whole new level.

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Bharath Shetty is the founder of Yoga India. He's an excellent teacher and runs the ongoing morning and evening Mysore style practice and RYS 200 and 500 teacher training certificate courses. The school is spacious and clean.
I studied with Bharath for 7 months over 3 trips to Mysore.