Bharati Corinna Glanert

Bad Dürrheim

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As a child I had supernatural, paranormal experiences and came into contact with spiritual powers. For many years, I was unable to value or understand many of those spiritual experiences. Only today, after many years of studying, have the questions led to answers.

My grandmother and great-grandmother had supernatural abilities. Today I know that spiritual skills are often inherited in families. At the time, though, I lacked the knowledge necessary to be able to deal with these spiritual experiences. When I turned 17, my desire to understand became so strong that I started a marathon in seminars and education. I attended workshops, talks and seminars on, amongst other things, healthy diets, detoxification of the body, fasting, rawism, foot reflexology, and pranahealing.

After having been trained as a Reiki teacher, I pursued further areas of energy work like Bach flowers, Hellinger's family constellations, and working with angels. For a long time I also studied “Holistic Healing System,“ the impressive healing method developed by the Filipino healer Mauro Ambat. During that time, I passed on all this knowledge to future healers in my seminar-house close to Lübeck.

In 2001, my path led me to southern India where I studied the millennia-old Vedic knowledge, to which very few searchers have access. I have also been initiated into spiritual teachings at high-energy places. For nine years, I lived exclusively in India in order to meditate and continue my studies in Vedic knowledge and spirituality. That time has shaped me thoroughly and touched my soul deeply.

Since 2008, I have been organizing small group tours to special energy places in southern and northern India. I continue to live in India for several months each year, and I spend the rest of the time at the beautiful Lake Constance in Germany, where a temple is currently emerging.

I regularly share knowledge on how to activate self-healing powers that activate physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and healing effects. I share this knowledge through individual consultations (in person, via Skype or on the phone), talks and seminars.

In energy work, I focus on seeing and healing Auras, especially waking dreams and astral projections.


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