Bhavyata Jethva

United Arab Emirates

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I aim to work towards creating a ‘Stress free society’, which begins by empowering the individual, both at physical and mental levels – physically fit, dynamic in their actions and with peaceful, calm, composed mindset. I belong to the Engineering and Science background. However, the spiritual scientist within me had an urge to know, “Who am I? Why am I here on this planet?’ That lead me to learn various healing techniques. Soon, I was helping many people deal with their day to day mental, emotional and physical challenges.

I then came in contact with the Art of Living and Sri Sri Ravishankar ji and soon found myself getting trained to teach Sri Sri Yoga, which is now known as the Art of Living Yoga. Ever since then, I have been helping people learn yoga and meditation. I am also a trained teacher for the Happiness Program, which deals with Stress elimination through the most powerful breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya. I conduct special workshops for the same in Corporates as well as for individuals.

I am an Engineer plus research scientist turned into a Yogi. I address the root cause of the issues and get the solutions using the ancient Yogic wisdom combined with practical tools and techniques, which is time tested, result oriented.

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