Bill Arce


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I have been practicing since the mid 60'size and began instructing classes in the early 70's. Maya Devi, my 1st and foremost introduced me to various methods, such as the Iyengar Practice, introduced to her by Jhembanard Rhishi. The Siva nanda Style directly by Swami Vishnudevanda. 2001 became 500hr Bikram Yoga Certified. Since 2006 hold 500hrERYT with Yoga Aliance.
I have instructed classes in South Korea for Pure Yoga of S. Korea, from 2002 to 2003, then over to Shanghai, China to introduce Bikram Yoga at YPLUS Yoga Center, 2005 began the 1st Yoga Trainings for Mainland China up till instructing with the YogaRoom in Brussels,


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