Birgitte Gorm Hansen


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Originally trained as a psychologist () Birgitte started practicing buddhist meditation in 1992 and found yoga in 1996. She has taught more than 5000 hours of yoga and meditation since 2001 and was one of the first senior teachers in Dynamic Yoga. Her long standing love affair with buddhism and zen has a deep impact in her approach to yoga as somatic self inquiry. Birgitte is based in Copenhagen, Denmark but frequently teaches workshops and retreats in Scandinavia and around Europe.

Birgitte was just a teenager when a Tibetan Lama introduced her to buddhist meditation. Studying with him for 10 years suggested to her that spiritual practice is beyond concepts, dogma and external authority. She deepened her practice when she met yoga master Godfrey Devereux in 2001. Birgitte has been assisting in Godfreys highly respected Dynamic Yoga Teacher trainings between 2006 and 2014. At this point in time she does not see herself as a representative of any particular style of school of yoga.

Birgitte offers weekend workshops, retreats, courses and one on one yoga sessions and retreats for yoga teachers. She is also a popular presenter in conferences, public debates and organizations.


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