Biswajit Majumder (Bisu)


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Bisu is a practising yoga therapist, currently based in Singapore. Throughout his decade-long career working with patients and students, he has personally administered and witnessed the success of yoga therapy in the treatment of psychosomatic as well as physical ailments. Bisu is deeply humbled by the power of the modern application of this ancient science (whose original purpose lies in elevating the human soul) for therapeutic purposes and has made it his personal mandate to use his accumulated skills and knowledge to help anyone who wishes to achieve a more ideal state of health and wellness.

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1-on-1 Trial Session60 SGD60 min   Book
1-on1 private session120 SGD60 min   Book

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Notes: Email Bisu at enquiriesatyogaviharadotcomdotsg for his latest availability and a complimentary consultation b4 booking


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