Bob Phillips

United Kingdom

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I am an Iyengar yoga teacher, first taught by the lovely Cathy Welham around 25 years ago. I have had many influential teachers since including Gerry Chambers and Lynda Purvis, Judi Sweeting and other Senior teachers within the Iyengar fold.

I have two grown children, enjoy walking and wild-camping, and cycling as well as yoga! I like to promote yoga in all its guises although students probably feel that a good, strong stretch is what they first encounter.

I used to be a carpenter and have always led an active life. Joint problems have been quite a feature in my life from an early age. I first came to yoga partly to help address some of these issues. The results have been self-evident even though arthritis in recent years has been a further challenge. However, with careful yoga practice and good diet as well as a continuing love of the outdoors, walking, cycling etc I keep on top of the inconveniences caused by OA. So maybe yoga can help you too, with physical issues as well as keeping you calmer and more settled in your mind.


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