Bobby Robinson

Madison, GA
United States
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Bobby graduated with a Master's degree from The Citadel in Charleston, SC. After a decade in managing Psychiatric facilities, he decided to move to his next passion, restoring historic properties.

" Yoga Bobby " as he has become to be known in his sleepy hometown of Madison , Ga discovered yoga early on in 2013 when detoxing from nicotine and a severe addiction to diet coke ! Yes you read it a case of diet coke daily for years. When one stops pouring that much aspartane into a out! Toads wild ride is on!

Bobby is very transparent with his detox story and the nightmare that he came to his mat and discovered Yoga !
" Yoga Saved My Life" !

With time to contemplate life and his third eye open and in his body at 51 years old thanks to his best friend Victoria Flanagan who suggested yoga to he was ready to Yogi Rock your world!

Bobby passes on the ancient traditions of yoga in a non-dogmatic, contemporary, compassionate and humorous way. His purpose is to help people develop a sacred, safe, meditative, healing, joyful, expanding, pain-free, personal self practice.

If you are seeking something more like a Ashram like experience that you can't find at a you may like to come and experience Yoga at Serenata Farm and Yoga!

In addition to individual sessions, weekly yoga classes at Serenata Farm and Yoga, , he also teaches a free public community class at Calvary Baptist Church in Madison.

Experience Yoga as you have never experienced Yoga before !!!! Bobby has a Hatha yoga background but approaches Yoga from a very organic from Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bhakti and many other styles !


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

31 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Bobby is not just a yoga teacher, he is a friend and community leader. His yoga sessions are oriented towards finding your center, pushing your body, and getting some well earned rest. When you enter his yoga space, he greets you as a friend and invites you to be still and be present in the moment. He is aware of you and helps you if you need it. He encourages you to push yourself to your own limits.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I had a wonderful experience at my first ever real life yoga class (I had tried yoga at home but never in a class). Bobby is a fabulous instructor, and I immediately felt comfortable. The atmosphere is serene and fun, and the class itself is challenging but not overwhelming. The variety of music also reflects the feeling of the class. Serenata Farm is a beautiful location and add so much appeal to the overall experience. I will definitely be back, and if you're thinking about trying it, just do it. You won't be sorry.

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nice way to ease back to yoga

I have not practiced yoga for 9 months due to frozen shoulder. It was very nice of Bobby to take the time to get to know my physical condition and eased me into a great stretch. I noticed after the practice that not only was I sore from the poses, my range of motion in my frozen shoulder increase. Thanks Bobby :)

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Great new experience.

Going into the class I was unsure what to expect. I had never tried anything similar to yoga before visiting Bobby's class and found that that was no problem for him and that he was a patient and helpful teacher.

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Absolutely Fabulous Darling!!!!

OMG!! What a great first experience with Yoga Bobby!!!! What?????as he says.
The energy and vibration in the room was so wonderful, comforting and supportive. Oh, and I should add FUN!!! I love his music selection too.
I felt surrounded by love, compassion and connection to each person, friend and that higher power, call it what you will, that was present in that room.


After class, I met with one of my clients, and she ask me if I was in love or something because I was simply glowing. I told her it was the "happy place" I had just come from. It was nice to hear that my face was reflecting what I was resonating on the inside thanks to this absolutely fabulous experience that very morning.
Yoga Bobby may have one of the best "anti-aging secrets around. He was a true delight to practice with. And the beginning and ending meditations were wonderful too. I came in with "preconceived skins" and left with a glad heart!!!
PS. Shout out to Cindy for helping me to own my spot!!!
I can wait to do it again.

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Yoga with Bobbie is a great balanced experience of mind, body, and spirit. Incredibly, he manages to cater to every level of yoga experience in the group setting. I always come away from his classes uplifted, as well as satisfied with my own progress. Now I drag somebody with me every time I can! :)

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Great All Around!

I am an officer worker bee during the week. I am so happy to get out to Serenata Farm and enjoy his outdoor class, in the grass, under the trees, seeing the cows and the llama. The class is fun but peaceful. I feel challenged but not intimidated. The incense, the outdoor blessings, the friendships made, a wonderful experience all around. Another thing I love about Bobby is that he wants to make yoga accessible for everyone. He does all he can to help everyone try and enjoy yoga. He is a very giving and kind person. We need more Bobby Robinsons!

Bobby Robinson September 20, 2014
Thank you

Thanks Esther for your kind words. You're truly a sweet gentle soul ! When you are in class...It's like having Confectionary Sugar Sprinkled on what would be otherwise just plain Strawberries :)

So glad you like Yoga and getting out of the big city and coming out to Serenata!

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Wow, What a refreshing Yoga experience!!!

A friend from Madison GA recently invited me to join in on one of Bobby's yoga classes. I only wish that I lived closer to Madison and could attend his class on a regular basis. I enjoyed Bobby's delightful sense of humor and he seems to be a natural at yoga instruction. He creates fun while focusing on mind, body and spirit and is a positive and encouraging instructor. I highly recommend Bobby's classes and guarantee that you will enjoy the experience.

Bobby Robinson June 21, 2014


It was such a treat meeting you. I wish you lived closer to Madison to. I so love hanging and laughing with your friend Diane. She's the Best!

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An experience you won't soon forget.

You just have to see it to believe it. Serenata Farms is one of the most beautiful places in the Madison Area where you can enjoy the wonderfully eclectic classes taught by Yoga Bobby. He is truly inspirational and shares his journey into the yogi existence. It is a magical experience that all yoga enthusiast will enjoy.

Bobby Robinson June 21, 2014

Chris, Thank you so much for your kind words. I so love it when I look out and see your and Foss's smiling faces in class. You're the best and definitely an experience you won't forget . OM

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A breath of fresh air in the yoga world!

I have been practicing for about 5 years now. I have been with several different studios and instructors practicing bikram, hatha, kundalini, and vinyasa. I have loved all my studios and instructors, but Bobby is special. He brings a lightheartedness and acceptance to his practice that I have never experienced before. I walked into his class looking for a yoga class and out being a part of a community of fabulous people that all sort of gravitate to this truly radiant man.


The practice of Yoga benefits your body and mind, but I have found that it is Bobby himself that will uplift you emotionally during practice. I enjoy his unique class every week (sometimes more!) and just dread missing it. Give yourself the gift of taking a class with Yoga Bobby!

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high energy classes

For me, Bobby Robinson has redefined "hot yoga," which until now was not attractive to me. No question that the heat is on for his Wednesday evening class but the class itself is a guided flow paced by great music and featuring lot's of fun and laughter to go with an energetic and mindful practice.

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Amazing experience with Bobby D.

Coming from Baltimore with many options for different types of yoga and maintaining my routine of power vinyasa flow, it was a welcome and refreshing change to take Bobby D's class. While visiting my family in Madison, GA, I attended his Saturday Jam class. Small and intimate I felt immediately welcome and like I was part of their community. Bobby was so welcoming and supportive, instructing us into different asanas allowing my practice to open up.


I don't think I stopped smiling throughout the entire class. He is such a loving and caring teacher allowing us to play and nourish our bodies and minds at the same time. He is truly receptive to the needs of each member of our class, which stems from the beautiful surrounding of his beautiful home and farm. After class we walked through the fields and took beautiful pictures with his horses as they watched me flow through some asanas, creating a truly magical experience. All in all my experience with Bobby D was pure bliss and I cannot wait until next time!!

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Incredible person and teacher

The first time I met Bobby I was transfixed. His presence is mesmerizing, his yoga journey inspiring. I am so thrilled to have met him and look forward to lots of yoga and spiritual work with him in the future. If you desire a memorable and absolutely incredible yoga experience, you'll find it at Serenata.

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Peaceful and Refreshing

Bob is a great teacher both for the more experienced and beginning yogis. He adds an element of fun and adventure making each class different and exciting. The farm has such a serene atmosphere, and the class is very warm and inviting. He incorporates challenging poses with a positive, spiritual message. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to get connected with yoga.

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I am just starting out and found Bobby to be very helpful and positive. I was amazed at how much I was able to do with his help.
Looking forward to a long and peaceful journey down my yoga path. He made it such fun!

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Calvary yoga community

Bobby's teaching style and welcoming spirit is such a wonderful haven and place to get centered. It's obvious that bobby cares for his students and wants to build a yoga community.

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Love Love Love this man !!!

I have not participated in one of Bobby's yoga glasses yet, BUT... I'd like to say a few words about this man...
Bobby is one of the most uplifting, spiritual,Enlightning, Kind and Loving persons I have ever met. When you meet and get to experience being around him, you will be so blessed. Truly a unique individual. Love this man ...

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A Wonderful Instructor!

Bobby does an amazing job teaching his yoga classes. He is kind and thoughtful person who will help you if you should need help in a pose. There is no pressure in his class whatsoever. If a pose isn't working for you, you can change the pose to where it is comfortable without fear of being corrected. The environment is calm, peaceful and one of a kind. Yoga by the poolside is spectacular, and yoga with brunch parties afterwards are always something to look forward to. I would highly recommend!

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A holistic experience that could not be matched! The setting transended traditional modalities and created peace - freeing gypsy breeze, peace. Bobby was amazing! His demeanor was allturistic and content - and I truly apprciated his ending cermony - the rose water infused towels over my eyes.... I absoluelty did not want to leave!!! Blessed beyond measure.

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Fun yoga

Bobby makes yoga fun while completely working your body out and teaching you where yoga originated!

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Quite pleasantly surprised

Yoga was never anything I had a desire to try. I have always loved being outside and taking frequent walks plus workouts at my local gym. At my daughter's encouragement I finally decided to try yoga when pain in my hip was beginning to get worse. I had made a change in my diet and decided to cut back on the gluten which was helping ease the inflammation but in the few short weeks I have been taking Bobby's classes, the poses are becoming easier and it has made a huge difference in my hip pain. Bobby's classes are great for beginners and there is no intimidation to force a more difficult pose. Love going to Serenata. Setting is beautiful and with nice weather coming I'm looking forward to more classes outdoors.

Bobby Robinson March 28, 2014
Pleasantly surprised

You are a delight Dottie ! So glad you are in my life !! I'm truly blessed with kind, kind souls! namaste, Bobby D.