Bodhin Philip Woodward

Vall de Laguar Alicante
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Bodhin is a fully qualified Senior Yoga Alliance yoga teacher in Mindfulness based Therapeutic Yoga; to empower individuals towards health and well-being. So yoga classes for the general public, and special focus yoga based Health and Wellness programmes. Based on a mix of the ancient wisdom of Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness meditation, with a healthy dose of the latest research in mind-body science and therapies, Therapeutic Mindful Yoga invites you to slow down, tune into your body and be kind to yourself!
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He also teaches Yin yoga, which is hatha yoga done on the floor, with the postures held for a while, often using supports, all tailored to the individual. "I am interested in how we hold tension in the body and how yoga can help to release that tension. I combine meditation teaching with the body awareness. For me the two disciplines go very much together."


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inner Peace

I have known Bodhin for some years now and feel at ease with the calm and serene energy he radiates. When he teaches he taps into that Source of Inner Peace and shares the Light from deep within. A true Master!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wonderful Mentor, Teacher and Friend

I have known Bodhin for over 5 years and am honored to call him my friend and mentor. He is a great teacher and embodies Mindfulness, his down to earth approach shows how the practices of Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Therapeutic Yoga can make a huge difference in your life.