Bonnie Bitonti

Setauket, NY
United States

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I am an RN, with over 40 years of experience. I - specialize in many areas, but my "heart" lies in bereavement, doing grief and loss support and counseling. Research is now endorsing that yoga supports one’s healing through a variety of traumas. In my opinion, trauma is the “tie that binds” us into a collective place that at some time in our lives, we all struggle and new. My efforts in Integrative Therapy come from this foundational truth. And Yoga offers wondrous tools to improve each and every day. Overall it can make a tremendous positive difference in our outlook and greatly effect our mind- body healing. I am a personal testimony of yoga’s life changing benefits and am a continuing work in progress.
I am a graduate of two - 200 hr yoga trainings and the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program. I am also a certified Yoga Therapist
(IAYT). I have an active personal practice and I study with Master teachers and current trainings. I offer chair yoga classes to employees at the work site and I actively give back in community based yoga offerings
( continuing ed semesters of classes). My focus this year is working with those effected by PTSD.
My goal is to offer yoga as a healthy adjunct for those who are chronically ill, have special needs, are recovering from injuries, or whom are medically or emotionally challenged. Of course, I endorse it to all as a healthy life style choice for enhancing ones overall well-being and thus, quality of life.
I am Certified in Magnified Healing, Primordial Sound and have completed the Y12SR Leadership and Intensive Trainings, teaching Y12SR classes within my community. I incorporate homeopathy and other Integrative Lifestyle Choices within my own life and therefore am a strong coach, resource and reference for anyone with similar interests. I have been a vegan for 45 years.


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