Bonnie Chandler

Garland, TX
United States

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Yoga has held my heart for years, but my journey really took off when I was outside on my front porch smoking one day. I asked God in desperation to help me stop smoking. The answer "Yoga" settled in my heart that second.

From then on any time I had a craving I practiced poses. I had begun a whole body practice that would heal my body, mind, soul and set my life desire to become a healer to all creation. Strength, clear purpose, confidence and hope are just some of the beautiful benefits I experienced!

I love animals, nature, picture books and beautiful quotes; these elements are woven into my teaching as we focus on breath and kindness to the body. I gravitate towards teaching the following types of yoga that promote healing and self-care:
o Aqua Yoga - a whole new atmosphere provided through water where gravity is less of a hindrance
o Chair Yoga - including support and comfort of blankets and blocks to make yoga more accessible
o Yin Yoga - intentionally held poses which encourage deep body and breath awareness
o Slow Flow - the sense of a gentle dance while staying connected to intention, comfort and breath
o Restorative Yoga - relaxation poses fully supported by props which prompt a deep rest for mind and body
o Yoga for Children - life saving and life giving tools for courage and joy
Certified Yoga Instructor - 200 hr
Certified Aqua Yoga Instructor - Aqua Kriya Yoga


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