Brad Kreitzer

Windsor, ON

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I believe everyone wishes to be themselves, do what they love, and know that they're enough. Therefore that's what I choose to practice every single day both on and off the mat. Getting to know where I am, on a moment to moment basis frees me of who I have been and who I might become, allowing me to freely move as I am. I incorporate these foundational principles into my life simply because I enjoy being ME.

Movement and the breath can help you connect to the only place you should wish to be, in your beautiful body. When you can move more freely within your body, you almost always feel better. Yoga gives us the tools to heal the internal restrictions we have each created within our bodies, throughout our lives. It is possible to have a great outlook on life, a sharp mind, a vibrantly alive body, and a connection to what's important to YOU.

Incorporating the foundation of Be Do Know into what I teach helps you easily connect to your body, mind, and spirit. In my classes you'll be able too safely enjoy exploring the practice of yoga, while deepening your relationship with who you really are along the way. I'm just here to guide you, so you can discover what works for you, right now, in your BODY.

Loving the life I have been given and encouraging others to do the same,

Bradley David Kreitzer


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