Bradel Canfield

Miami, FL
United States
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Bradel Canfield is a 500 hour trained and certified yoga instructor registered by the Yoga Alliance. However, not too long ago Bradel unknowingly was just beginning her adventure which has brought her here today. She was introduced to Vinyasa yoga and immediately felt a connection, not just to the practice, but a connection to herself. Ever since then, she has been on a journey to achieve and improve her practice, and most importantly, recognized that she wanted to spread the beauty of yoga to others. Bradel's love and passion for yoga is what has made her an exceptional and devoted teacher. She brings soul, intention, healing and laughter into her classes. Her flow consists of not just the physical yoga practice itself, but incorporates the spiritual part of yoga practice, thus creating a beautiful learning experience for all her students.

She mainly teaches Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, although she does offer other types as well. Bradel is one of those teachers that can make you sweat, make you laugh, while guiding you through your own journey during your practice and give you the opportunity to practice in the holistic capacity of mind body and soul.

Week of December 9TH

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