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Brahmani is the senior Integral Yoga teacher and head of The Lotus Centre.

She is an artist whose love of yoga has drawn her to a committed life as a yogi. After many years of practicing different schools of yoga and meditation it was the experience of Integral Hatha yoga that drew her into becoming a teacher and completing her trainings in both beginners and Intermediate Teaching. For her it was the incorporation of all 8 limbs of yoga as Integral Yoga that enabled her to find the freedom to let mind body and soul experience the totality of peace and opening along with her connection to her spiritual teacher, Mooji

Her classes are usually characterized by her understanding of the energy flows through the Asanas or postures. Working within the students level of awareness, slowly opening them up into their own stillness.

She is very involved in the Integral Yoga community and ongoing trainings and retreats in Europe. She is currently the European co-ordinator for Integral Yoga as well as one of the Spanish representatives.


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