Brandi Baldwin

Miami Beach, FL
United States

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I began practicing yoga in Boston in late 2001. Having just moved to Boston for work and being almost immediately laid off due to the post-9/11 economy, I found myself experiencing high anxiety and having panic attacks. I began yoga mostly as a distraction as I wasn't having any luck finding another job. Luckily, the studio allowed me to take classes in exchange for helping at the front desk and cleaning up after the classes. I didn't know anything about yoga except that it was a good workout - at that time, that was enough for me. It wasn't long, however, before i noticed additional effects. I felt a sense of peace at first for hours and then for days after each class. Not too long after I began, I had a major emotional catharsis in class, releasing pent up anxiety, fear and emotion that had been pent up in my chest and making it hard for me to breathe. This was my first clue that there was more to yoga than physical fitness. After that, the panic attacks diminished not altogether, but significantly enough for me to feel functional again. I moved home to Miami, Florida.

Over the next years I explored various disciplines of yoga, like most people, with varying degrees of commitment. It wasn't until 2008, in a similar economic climate after the recession, when I decided to get certified in Vinyasa Yoga. It then that I deepened my relationship to yoga enough to make it an integral part of my life. It was also then that the panic attacks completely subsided. I was home. Since then, I've done many trainings and workshops, most recently receiving my 300 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification in Rishikesh, India through Sattva Yoga (as taught by Anand Mehrotra). Sattva Yoga is a beautiful practice of yoga journeys incorporating Hatha Yoga with Kriya, Laya, breathwork, mantra and free movement to produce an experience of connection, love and oneness with the Divine.

While many people do yoga for the physical benefits - and there are many - I prefer to teach yoga with a therapeutic edge. My classes blend Vinyasa sequences with Hatha postures, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Kriya, Laya, Meditation, Pranayama & Static Stretching.

I offer this format in general open classes; in a weekly post-cardiac-surgery recovery class and at a prominent local eating disorder treatment center. I also offer customized private classes, happily working with beginners, those in ED recovery and those with physical limitations.

In all respects, my desire is for people to feel welcomed and NOT intimidated by I'm interested in the physical health benefits of yoga, because they are amazing, what truly inspires me is providing spaces and practices to not only empower the body, but also to help people recognize and discontinue being run by the negative and debilitating thoughts in their heads. We all have them! On and off the mat I encourage self-compassion, patience and acceptance. Ultimately guiding people towards falling in love with themselves through yoga.

Please contact me if you'd like to know if yoga is right for you and how yoga can enhance your life.


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