Brandi Withers

Kirkwood, MO
United States

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It’s taken me these now 6 years of teaching to realize what I experience in a yoga practice, why I choose to practice it, and further more why I share it as a teacher. This is not to say that I have in any way “figured it out”, on the contrary it is even more certain that the journey of yoga is just as ever changing as life. Growing up I had some pretty extreme and unhealthy self talk at a young age, which evolved into a cloud of self pity and negative thought and life patterns. I had very little confidence and felt internally worthless, weak and small…… invisible. I had yet no idea of how strong my life experience had made me, what my talents were, and that it showed way more than I had realized. My journey will always to be to learn, grow, and share.

Yoga, has evolved me in ways and forms I’d never dreamed of before. Through the practice I have made great strides in self discovery, harnessed knew capability, strength and flexibility. What's truly amazing is that I’m not speaking on physical terms, although that too is true. I have felt new capability of my mind in how I relate to my daily experiences, thought patterns, and that they can be changed by will. As I learn, I grow in self love and trust, which strengthens me and my relationship to myself. Flexibility of body accompanied flexibility of mind, and for me came a natural reinvention of my perception of the world and how I choose to receive and interpret information, a symptom of which is the ability to create and mold my reality, my life. .

These are my direct inspirations to teaching and sharing yoga. I want people to discover their true potential. To find what lies dormant and unawakened within and allow it to rise and blossom. Acknowledging strength beyond current capability, and connecting to deep and true self love. Trusting that within thy self lies the answers. I want others to know their worth and inner truth, and not by my telling, but of their owns means of discovery. There lies true empowerment, I have only the answers of my journey, but I would be honored to help lead others along their path.


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