Brandy McMacken-Manguno

Covington, LA
United States
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Brandy blends two practices to promote muscle-health and balance within movement. She will test your limitations without straining the body & allow time for needed relaxation in a stress-free setting.

Brandy has practiced Yoga since she was a teenager. A United States Marine for eight years, she enjoys a good challenge within a workout. By day she is a Tax Accountant and finds balance by teaching Yoga in her private time. Sitting at a desk sometimes up to 10 hours a day, living with computers and phones, dealing with stress, day after day, she has experienced the lack of movement that comes with “the job”. Yoga has allowed Brandy to maintain her health and keep her focused on what life is about. Not to allow the daily work and situation pressure to take over. To stay focused with compassion and happiness

Week of March 20TH

Tuesday, Mar 21

  • Yoga Friendly Brandy McMacken-Manguno @ Bogue Falaya Fitness664035
    12:00 pm to 01:00 pm