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For years I spent my days sitting behind a desk. It hit me one day, that I wasn't meant to climb the corporate ladder from the inside. So I set off on a path to find what worked best for me. Unyielding in my pursuit of happiness, I ditched my promising yet predictable future, in favor of exercising my entrepreneurial muscles. Which all leads to here, this site, where you are right now! Welcome!

My name is Bre and I am a yoga teacher, photographer, writer and goal coach. This site is where you will find all the things I do, tied together. The word yoga literally means to unite, so I have done my best to unite all of my passions in one place!

So a little bit about
I left the cube life and hit the mat full time a few years ago. While I shifted my focus largely to yoga and meditation, I lost a bit of what I really loved along the way…which was to help people find their purpose and the quickest path to it.

As my yoga teaching developed, so did my interests surrounding the fitness world. I picked up a camera and began photographing the instructors in my world that inspired me and the events that were created to get people moving. Some of my photos can be seen in Huffington Post articles, Strength Training Books and Shape Magazine Online. If that wasn't enough, I began to find great interest in creating amazing content for the yoga world and fitness community in general. I slowly began to organize existing teacher training manuals and have since gone on to write full length training manuals for yoga schools around the world.

When it comes to practicing yoga I have found that it requires three things; a flexible mind, an acceptance that no posture will be the same from one day to the next and most importantly a sense of humor. I try to bring these three things with me every time I step to the mat, be it to practice or to teach. Having been fortunate to find a passion for yoga at a young age, I have had the opportunity to practice with great teachers and along side great students. I completed my 200 hour PranaVayu Yoga training under David Magone, as well as the PranaVayu Accelerated Level 1 training. I have also completed a Yin Yoga training with Josh Summers and recently completed a year long Yantra Yoga training with Lama Migmar Tseten.

With all my credentials out of the way I will say this, my varied set of skills has helped me to create a life I truly love. When I am not on my mat you will most likely find me with my head in a book, hands wrapped around an amazing latte, eyes focused behind a lens, on the hunt for the perfect song, playing with my 3lb Yorkie Sawyer or planning my next adventure!


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