Breda O Sullivan

United Arab Emirates

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Now living in Dubai, but originally from Co. Kerry in Ireland. After moving to London in 1990 I found the practice of Yoga & Meditation & fell in love with it! Through learning about the classical union of the body, mind and soul, everything began to make sense! When I returned to Ireland I studied a Diploma in Yoga Teaching and Meditation, qualifying in 2005. Over my 10 years of teaching I developed a greater love & understanding of the Human Energy Field. I trained as an advanced level Energy Therapist, qualifying in 2011. I use crystal divining & a touch method of healing to release patterns of the past on a cellular memory level, to restore balance to the Chakras, increasing your sense of well-being, health, happiness & practice of Yoga Meditation Mindfulness & undertaking of Energy Therapy is a wonderful gift to You, from You! Each is such a uniquely personal experience & confidentiality is sacred.