Breezy Coates

Chicago, IL
United States

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Breezy was born into the yoga world back in '86 from a family of holistic practitioners. She grew up in the massage school her mother taught and practiced at - effectively preparing her for a life of healing and inspiration. In 2012 at the age of 25, Breezy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of advanced stage cancer and after 3 years of treatment BEAT THAT SHIT! Her cancer became the catalyst launching her career into holistic health. Following treatment, Breezy began her intensive yoga training as she traveled throughout Southeast Asia. Upon returning back to Chicago, she was offered a scholarship from Core Power Yoga to enroll in their Teacher Training Program. Mostly involved in admin and logistics at that time, Breezy started practicing yoga with the groups that came through, meeting and studying with several yoga teachers who inspired her along the way. Ever since then, Breezy has been teaching and deepening her yogi career.


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