Brenda Emde


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My style of teaching includes all Yoga Paths which means we do Mantra chanting, meditation, energy work, Pranayama, Asanas of course. It is influenced by Flow Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Moon/Luna Yoga and other Yoga styles as well as of Pilates and any further experiences I have gathered over the years ... I very much like to teach outdoors in the nature because that for me is the ultimate and most natural way to practice ... Meanwhile I developed some course profiles that allow the combination of "ordinary" fitness sports with Yoga to make people come out of their hiding studios and join me.

I found to Yoga or better Yoga found me when I did not even know I was searching for ??? ... Many years ago I tried a class at the Volkshochschule which I found very intriguing but did not follow up ... I always went to fitness classes, have been a sports person and accidentally stepped into a yoga class in 2008. This I visited regularly until I moved to Rostock ... In 2013 I had a difficult time and learned about Chakras and Chakra Yoga ... I practiced and experienced a great and almost immediate healing affect ... I then decided to become a Yogateacher and let people participate in what Yoga can do ... And I am still wondering and learning about Yoga and about Me.


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