Brenda Flemming

San Francisco, CA
United States
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Brenda Flemming has studied with many Senior Iyengar Teachers over the past 31 years and gives most respect and appreciation to all the knowledge infused from the Iyengar Family of Pune, Manuoso Manos of San Francisco, and Gabriella Guibilaro of Florence, Italy.

Brenda shares the Philosophy, Science and Art of Patanjali Ancient Yoga through the Iyengar Tradition. She has also made a point of studying other traditions of yoga to allow for an increased understanding of working with students that come into class from other styles, relating to these students perspective as they enter into an Iyengar class.

Brenda started the Iyengar Yoga program at Western State Colorado University and kept it going for twenty years. In her classes she encourages students to tap into the capabilities of building up their nervous system and emotional health, open-mindedness through strengthening the spine and mind. Her classes set the stage for the yoga lifestyle of cultivated humanness, Eco-minded consciousness, super hero, spiritual supported yoga family community, and vibrant sattvic living food nutrition is all part of the interaction with stepping into a class with Brenda.

She will inspire you to a new level of humanness. Her students have tremendously benefited from her teachings on a Compassionate Lifestyle and the simplicity of incorporating the yogic path into their lives.

Brenda is a studio owner, guest teacher, and travels for workshops. Brenda has been a strong contributor to the yoga community in Colorado for over twenty years teaching public classes in Crested Butte at Yoga for the Peaceful, public classes in Gunnison, Salida and the Big Island of Hawaii.

She very much adores teaching children from ages 4-18. Much of her service work revolves around working with troubled teens and charter schools; teaching classes for creating alternatives to drug and alcohol use. From pre-wedding yogafication to numerous health clubs, she can meet special needs of all kinds. Every past and future interaction is a gift!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Gifted and Giving

Brenda Flemming is truly a gifted Iyengar Yoga teacher who shares her own deep practice and inspires her students, from raw beginners through seasoned yogis/yoginis to delve deeper into themselves and their practice. She is extremely observant and articulate, and excellent at demonstrating poses and using props very effectively.

Brenda absorbs a great deal in her continuing studies with some of the top Iyengar Yoga teachers in the world, and ably interprets and imparts new information for the benefit of her students. She is a treasure!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Brenda Flemming is a high level teacher. She understanding of how the body works and her deep study of the ancient yogic texts brings her students to a level of study like never experienced before. A high level of detail and attention to the mechanics of the body, mind, & spirt bring every one of her classes to a deep and honorable level of study. Thank god for teachers like Brenda Flemming whom bring the essence of yoga study to life!