Brenda Hamlet

Edison, NJ
United States
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Brenda attended her first yoga class at the University of Oxford in 2008. `Call it beginner’s luck, but I learned to let go of the head, come into the moment and connect with myself. This was an important `break- through’ for me. Like most people, I had a very busy life. I hadn’t realised the extent to which my own self had gotten lost in the daily shuffle between work and home. In my yoga practice, I could full expression to my playful and joyful side. By day, I continued my fulltime work as a teacher. Two to three evenings a week, I re-charged my batteries in yoga classes. So, in the summer of 2011 when job cuts forced the closure of my department, I decided to embrace this circumstance as an opportunity. I wanted to learn more about the alchemy of yoga – those magical ingredients which make the practice so powerful. After doing some research into Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world, I decided to complete my 200RYT at the Intuitive Flow Sanctuary for Yoga & Healing in Ubud, Bali. Ubud has for many centuries been a centre for natural medicine, yoga and healing. The town name is taken from the Balinese word for medicine.
For the next three years, I taught yoga in Oxford at community sports halls, university common rooms, corporate board rooms and people’s homes. What I learned brought me back to my home town in Metuchen New Jersey where at teach with gratitude and love at Sakula Studio.

My background includes training in broadcast media and journalism. These are skills I use to promote yoga practice and positivity. I am a regular writer for I teach communication, English, media and film studios. My publications list includes and features on yoga, travel and media analysis.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fantastic teacher.

Brenda's a fantastic teacher. I have a really stressful job and 45 minutes in her lunchtime class totally centres and destresses me. She is a natural teacher and also really informative on the history and spiritual side of yoga. She really encourages you to develop and I've definitely improved a lot with her teaching. I can't recommend her highly enough.