Brenda Taylor

Felton, CA
United States

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Dr. Brenda Taylor

Brenda teaches yoga with the wisdom of 14 years of Chiropractic practice and a lifetime studying movement and healing within her own body. She dabbled with yoga in the 90’s after years of teaching dance and in 2003 took on teaching her first weekly group yoga class.

If she looks familiar, you’ve probably met her at continuing education or a teacher training. Brenda is addicted to learning. Her yoga classes are continuously developing as informed practice of body, mind, and breath.

Now, after owning her own yoga studio, teaching internationally, teaching for corporate retreats, and leading thousands of group classes in the studio, Dr. Brenda is proud to present at her first conference in 2020.

Take her class. Dr. Brenda loves teaching and has great excitement about the neuro/psycho/social/physio aspects of humans and our movement.