Brenna Kramer

Seattle, WA
United States

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Brenna is a Yogi, a lover of eating and gathering, and an observer with a curiosity for the human spirit. She first began teaching over ten years ago and is trained in both the practice of Yoga and Pilates. She is an active cook and health coach. She guides clients to build a relationship with food that is enjoyable and delicious through farm to table cooking classes. Brenna’s Yoga classes encourage students to be curious, to move with integrity, and to always find beauty and grace in their practice. She strives to create a practice and lifestyle based in both art and science. Trained as a dancer as a child and young adult, her classes move with style, synced to rhythmic breathing. She couples a creative practice with directing students to have strong body awareness, and proper alignment. She believes that when we move with integrity, we can more genuinely create a beautiful, sustainable lifestyle on and off the mat. To learn more about Brenna go to


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