Brian Coones

Columbus, GA
United States

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Brian has been a Fitness Coach for over 10 years, and his background with Yoga started in fitness while he was serving in the US Army. He is certified in Yoga, Fitness, NLP Coaching, TRX (Suspension and Rip), Trigger Point MyoFascial Release, Sports Therapy, Sport Nutrition, CPR, First Aid, Team Building and Rock Climbing.

He was the Fitness Trainer in his unit for hard-core training with pumped up muscles and poor flexibility. He also had a few injuries while serving and it was recommended by a doctor to start Yoga or Pilates.

He was one of “those guys” who thought Yoga wasn’t a workout and at the time he felt it was only for girls. In his first ever Yoga class he was quite shocked that within 10mins he found himself exhausted. The class was held on the Army Base in the Fitness Center and he was the only guy. It was tough but his strong soldier-like determination kept him there until the end. After the first class he’d felt a major difference, so he began practicing on and off from 2007. He’s learned that the more consistent he is with his practice the better he feels Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and his stress level has significantly decreased, which other forms of Fitness didn’t have the same effect.

In 2013 he decided to become a Certified Yoga Teacher to delve deeper into his own understanding of the practice. One day he said “I need to do this, I want to do this and the only way things happen is when I stop hiding behind my excuses.” He was holding myself back, stopping himself from achieving his goal. With this realization he set his excuses aside and made the conscious decision to make it happen. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” and into his life he came.

Brian attended his first 200hr Yoga Teachers Training in Hatha Yoga with Guru Ravvindra Tomar, a Master Teacher from Rishikesh, India; living in Dubai. Ravvi has been one of Brian’s greatest Teachers and Mentors.

In 2014 Brian had the opportunity through Satya Flow Yoga to delve even deeper into his Yoga Teaching. His second 200hr Teacher Training in Dubai was with Yogaworks, studying with 2 incredibly knowledgeable teachers, Thomas Taubman and Laurel Beversdorf.

Brian’s journey has just begun, and his desire to continue is contagious to all who knows him. He’s grateful to all his teachers who’ve taught him


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