Briana Young Roane

Raleigh, NC
United States
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Briana studied at lots of Yoga studios, in many styles: Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, and Ashtanga. Then in 2005 she started her teaching career. Teaching in a few major cities as she moved across the her ultimate goal is to open a Haven for Yoga, Spiritual Reconnection, and a Restful Resort. In addition she has owned two different studios over the past few years, one a Yoga Studio, and the other a Pole Dance studio.

Briana has collected about 350hrs of Teacher training and workshop expereince. Briana is not into bragging or talking about papers and certifications because that doesn’t make you a good teacher, it only makes you a “Completed” teacher. But she is a certified Group Ex Instructor, Pole Dance Instructor, and a Senior & Kids Yoga Instructor in addition to Vinyasa Flow.

“I believe anyone can teach, if they LOVE what they know, and share it honestly.” I’m a regular girl, with a real passion to teach. I love Yoga it’s made me a better person, and if it can do that for me, it can heal the planet.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Stepping Away from the Wall

I cannot say enough good things about Bri and her yoga teaching. She has inspired me in so many ways! My body is doing things I never thought possible and I have only been taking her classes since March (um, crows pose..what??!). I come home after classes eager to show my husband all the cool stuff we learned. Her classes are a true workout physically and mentally. I find myself also tapping into the emotional at times when I get frustrated that I cannot do a pose.


She is quick to remind us that we should remember to focus on the things we did accomplish! That always get me smiling and feeling gratitude for the things my body can do.
She is attentive and fun! There is plenty of laughter and smiling in her classes. That combined with AWESOME music choices make it an incredible experience.
I would recommend Brogi Yoga to anyone and everyone. She has options for all yoga levels. She has taught me that it is okay to step away from the wall (example: in doing a headstand). You have to trust yourself and if you fall, so what, just try again! A great life lesson :)

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
perfect balance

Briana turns yoga into a spirit filled experience helping clients break through mental limits and experiencing physical outcomes which exceed expectations. If you are up for the challenge, Briana will take you to new places that invigorate mind, body, and soul. Her practice is the perfect combination of physical exertion, focus, and balance.

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My Yoga Yoda

Love Bri!! I want to be her when I grow up in yoga years.

She's an absolutely awesome teacher. She challenges you, she motivates you, she corrects you, then she challenges you some more. And her classes are perfect for anyone, like myself, who gets bored easily and hates the monotony you find with some yoga classes. The core elements are always there, but no two classes are exactly the same, and it is a bonafide workout every time.

Her passion for her craft is evident. Yoga is fitness. Yoga is spiritual. Yoga is sexy. And you get all of that with Briana. Can't recommend her highly enough.

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Yes You Can!

Practicing with Briana is challenging, invigorating, and intensely rewarding, both physically and mentally. Through her instruction, guidance, and personal attention, I have grown stronger and more physically capable than I ever thought possible. Establishing a regular practice with Briana has also contributed to my feeling healthier, happier, more stable, more energized, and more balanced, connected, and aware than ever before.


Briana has the utmost confidence in the capabilities of each of her students and encourages them to routinely test their boundaries and, through dedicated practice, surpass them and take on new challenges. Briana is immensely knowledgable, passionate, talented, trustworthy, compassionate, supportive, friendly, and fun, amongst several other accolades, and I am incredibly grateful for the myriad opportunities I have to practice with her. If you're interested in establishing or bolstering a yoga practice, enjoy a challenge, thrive on positive reinforcement ("Yes you can!" is a resounding mantra in Bri's classes), and want to work with the best, I strongly recommend that you practice with Briana.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Best Yoga Instructor

Briana is amazing!! I love her classes! She has a wealth of knowledge of the practice and she really loves what she does! She truly cares about her students and gives you very good instruction. I truly hate when I have to miss her classes because they are so wonderful :) Great way to staying fit!