Brianne Spans

Orland Park, IL
United States

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While living in the jungles of Panama and Nicaragua, Brianne's yoga practice began to take a deeper meaning. Being in nature, she really learned what it means to have a true mind body connection. Brianne thrives in nature. While practicing with the waves of the ocean and the sounds of the jungle she is able to truly express herself. Yoga is a form of self expression and Brianne believes a solid yoga practice can lead to freedom.

Brianne received her 300-ERYT Yoga Teacher Training Certification from the Nosara Yoga Institue in Nosara, Costa Rica. She also is certified in Paddle Board Yoga From KSF and Juna Yoga, Montreal, Canada. Nature has taught her that it is better to listen to your inner self, than to try to force yourself to look like the perfect yoga statue.

Brianne has taught in Chicago, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua.

Brianne offers Yoga Retreats, Private sessions, Private Group Sessions, Yoga Parties, and Yoga Field Trips

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