Bridget Namaste

San Juan Del Sur Rivas

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Bridget Perry is a certified Raw Foods Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Nutrition Specialist. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and currently teaches Vinyasa Flow at Zen Yoga Nicaragua. Yoga has helped her transition out of a toxic lifestyle and into one centered around health and self acceptance. Inspired by how transformative her personal practice was, Bridget completed her 200 hour yoga alliance teacher training with Y Yoga in Vancouver, Canada in 2013. With a background in mainly hot and Vinyasa flow yoga, Bridget strives to keep her classes physically challenging and detoxifying! After trying her first green juice in 2008, she's been fascinated with nutrition and the mind body connection. She's attended various raw foods workshops and is largely self taught through an always entertaining process of trial and error. She completed a course of study with The Raw Vegan Network/ Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education in Vancouver in December 2012. Recently, she opened her first RAW foods restaurant that cohabitates beautifully in the one and only Yoga studio directly in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Her restaurant features a menu of fresh, local, and organic ingredients. The first of it's kind in the town and the only RAW foods eatery in the country. She is on a mission to help guide people down the path of pure mind & body health and is currently hosting two RAW Workshops a month in her restaurant, Buddha’s Garden. She currently partners with retreats in Nicaragua and loves sharing her knowledge (and her recipes) with the community! She lives in Nicaragua with her boyfriend Matt and their dog, Chloe.


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