Bridget Young

Adelaide SA

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Yoga at Savvy Health’s Vinyasa Yoga classes are designed to build strength and flexibility whilst bringing your body and mind back into balance.
Vinyasa Yoga integrates Asanas (Yoga Postures) and breath, to introduce students to Alignment Principles whilst maintaining a steady flow of movement and breath, helping you build flexibility, strength, balance and focus.
Classes are small with a maximum of 8 per class in an intimate and non-threatening environment, giving your teacher the room to move around class, offering students extra consideration and direction.
Classes are open to all levels of experience with your teacher offering modifications in order to help you discover your own personal practice, opening students to build a strong foundation, whilst you strengthen your bodies and open your minds.
You will find these classes energetic and uplifting, challenging you but also helping you accumulate the tools you need to develop and progress, allowing you to leave classes feeling blissful and energized.


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