Brigitta Ortner

Toronto, ON

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Brigitta Ortner has been practising Yoga for 28 years and teaching for 19 years.

She was born and raised in Switzerland where she learnt about yoga in her twenties. After travelling in Asia and India for a few years she immersed herself in the tradition of Hatha yoga. When she came to live in Canada she travelled to Lenox, Massachusetts to study the discipline of Kripalu yoga. Within a few years she had completed the Teacher Training at all their levels.

Then, having heard about Iyengar Yoga she joined her first class at the Yoga Centre Toronto in 1995 and immediately knew that this is what she had been looking for.

Brigitta has been practising Iyengar Yoga ever since and, after 3 years of a very intense and tough teacher training, qualified as an Internationally Certified Teacher in 2005.

She has studied with Father Joe Pereira from India in 1998, Dr. Krishna Raman from India in 2000, Dr. Geeta Iyengar at the Canadian Iyengar Conference in Vancouver in 2001 and Stephanie Quirk from New Zealand in 2007. Brigitta successfully passed the assessment in Montreal in November 2012 and graduated to a Junior Intermediate 1 Certified Iyengar Teacher.

She continues her studies by attending weely classes and workshops with senior Yoga Centre Toronto teacher Marlene Mawhinney. Brigitta is most grateful for the guidance of Ms. Mawhinney.

She is looking forward to achieving the next level and is continuiung her studies for higher qualifications.


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