Brigitte Longueville

San Agustinillo OAX
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(Netherlands) Director of Solstice Yoga Center. Her teachings focus on the opportunity to "restore" innate capacities to their optimal expression through "relaxation as practice" coupled with traditional yoga practice. Her teachings are a reflection of her long study with international teachers and yogis in the area of "traditional" South India yoga, pranayama, critical alignment, anapana and vipassana meditation. She obtained her teaching certificate after completing a 3-year course at The Bharata Institute of Yoga, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The institute is world renowned for it's work in critical alignment. She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and teacher trainer. She has been doing pranayama for 23 years and has been practicing vipassana meditation for eight years. An international yoga teacher and member of that community, she teaches workshops around the world including the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Antigua (West Indies) and Mexico.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

93 Reviews

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Yoga as it is

Great classes, calm and strong voice, understandable for everyone- teaches in english and spanish at the same time. Time for everyone to adjust themselves according to her explanations, very skillful at technical explanations of the asanas.
Just love the use of the back-mitra and the therapeutics.

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He has give the right information to do well teh things and is very spiritual at all

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Brigitte is a sensitive and firm as well. Definitely the Best

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highly recommendable

I went to the 200h teacher training in 2011. It was my first yoga teacher training at all and I found it very intense. After having participated at quite a few other trainings afterwards, I am now able to compare the quality of the trainings and I have to say that the one with Brigitte was by far the best. She ist a very experienced and dedicated teacher who knows how to share her knowledge. I highly can recommend a training with her.

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Kind and comfortable

Very differents topics, she's worried about people and their mental, spiritual and physical healthiness. Great experience.

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Great yogaretreat at a beautiful location!

A few years I attended a yoga course with Brigitte for one week! This was very special. In the morning starting with meditation and then doing yoga exercises till 12 noon. In the afternoon enjoying the beach. Brigitte is very friendly and an expert in yoga. I recommend a yoga retreat with her highly! Lotte Smits van Waesberghe

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Life changing

I took the backmitra workshop in Puebla, my life changed, now I am back for certification with Mrs. L.
So excited!

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Great Teacher

Is a great Teacher and very experienced

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Brigitte is a great teacher!

I love her way of teaching and her beautiful voice is taking you within every movement, deep in yourself in mind and body.
She makes you feel great and gives you trust in your body.
In her lessons I can do everything, she's there when you need it.
I feel happiness in her lessons, with a lot of love!

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Respected and beloved teacher

I've known her for many years and she is a real yogini. Her life is yoga, and she is congruent with that. She has a big knowledge of yoga and she is generouse with her knowing. She is a sweet, strong and fantastic teacher.

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I am a believer

I have known Bridgette for 12 years now. She saved my body, and spirit. No Joke! when I met Bridgette I had been practicing Yoga for 2 years prior, but with her teaching, my body was restored! That was my 1st retreat with her. I have completed my 200 hr teacher's certification with her 5 years later, and the knowledge and wisdom I took away from that experience is priceless.


It is now 12 years that I have known Bridgette, and I return to her and the community that she has built to learn more, and just be with such fantastic people. Bridgette is my Teacher, my friend, my devil's advocate.
I have studied in the Americas, and India. No one compares to Bridgette, and I have studied with masters that would make the commoner think they were training with a true master of the Hatha study. Compassion, Wisdom, and true understanding of the Yogi way, that sums up Bridgette. Always my greatest love for Bridgette!

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Talented Yogi

Here is one experienced and wonderful teacher. I learned so much from Brigitte in the retreats i had down in mexico. what a wonderful treat to be in those classes and to learn so much about yoga and myself. She is a wonderful teacher with special knowledge.
Toronto, Canada

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classes with Brigitte Longueville

Brigitte is one of the best yoga teachers I've had and very professional, one of the things I like about her is how well she explains every class and how careful she is.

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Restores the connection between mind and body

Brigitte and her team dedicate all their efforts on letting me feel as one instead of a seperate mind and body by using fysical exercises to improve my posture and way of movement to experience my fysical and phsychological reactions to this change.

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Super teacher! :) Learned a lot from her.

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This is my own opinion, I accept with love all commentary

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Brigitte was my first yoga teacher and for that I will be forever grateful. Her therapeutic approach to the practice and concern for safety are priorities. Her knowledge of Critical Alignment and Hatha Yoga is far reaching. I personally have benefited greatly from my time and teachings with Brigitte and now have a successful and flourishing studio with a specialty in Restorative/Therapeutic Yoga and Somatics.

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Master Teacher

A training or workshop with Brigitte will change your life. Ten years ago I first experienced Brigitte's transformational retreats. After 2 weeks of intensive practice I felt light and lithe. Integrating 3 decades of study, Brigitte incorporates Vipassana Meditation, traditional pranayama, vitalizing vinyasa, profound restorative alignment, as well as the BackMitra, an ingenious prop to mobilize the spine and relax the back body. Through this brilliant blend of practices, Brigitte's teachings will heal your heart, clarify your mind and deeply relax your body.
Take the Leap ~ Your whole being will be grateful!

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I learned a lot with her

I love her teaching of restaurative alligment and I want to learn and study more with her

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Profound knowledge and teachings

Brigitte Longueville is a very serious and dedicated teacher with a deep knowledge of asana, anatomy and restorative practice and great verbal skills to transmitt it clearly and in a simple way that makes it possible to really understand the mechanics of movement, postures and where the benefits of these come from. Her classes are safe, gentle and very respectful of each individual and their capacities.
She´s the best!

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Great Experience

She is an amazing Master Teacher I had the very Big pleasure to study and work with... Namaste

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Unexpected Outcomes

We met Brigitte by chance while on an extended world trip in 2011. What was a quick drop-in for some Yoga while on holiday, turned into a 3 Month stay in beautiful rustic Mexico and a life long love of Yoga.
Brigitte manages to give everyone a little attention in enjoyable sessions with her public classes and brings out the deeper work during her week long 'Intensivos' - getting you the most out of every posture and, partnering and encouraging you towards the more challenging poses that your general cookie cutter yoga teacher wouldn't have the depth to get you safely into.
I am eternally thankful for her challenging me to get my body and mind aligned.

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Briggite's Restorative Focus takes you in a different level of practice. It makes you create conscious about your physical and spiritual body. Learning how to think outside the box. "Same but different, she says." This creative attitude has so much power. By placing or moving your feet in certain way enables you to connect withe the ground, it literally pulls you; like receiving you . It's amazing! I'm so thankful for all her teachings and energy she injected us in the teaching training. Recommended!

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Constant discipline

I have not the pleasure of meeting in person Brigitte Longueville, but from what I've heard and read about her, I can say that she is a person totally dedicated to her work and really feel an excellent vibration, combined with her qualitie of wisdom.
I hope to meet her soon, that would be great!