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My discovery of yoga dates back from 2005. At the beginning, I was mainly practicing Hatha Yoga, once in a while. Then, my practice started to be more and more regular. I indeed realized that the more I practiced, the better I was managing my emotions, my relationship with people, and the more subtle became my relationship to my body.

During a two-year stay in Portland in the United States, where yoga studios emerge at every street corner, I discovered Vinyasa Yoga (Vinyasa: synchronizing movement with breathing)

Back to Belgium, I started a Hatha Yoga teacher training course with Jean-Claude Honoré (Abepy ; Namur). Two years afterwards, I decided to start a new training course in Ashtanga Yoga (dynamic yoga based on a specific sequence of postures) with Jean-Claude Garnier. Today, I am finishing this training and I give a collective ashtanga yoga class in Saint-Gilles, a number of individual courses at home and within companies. In addition, I am regularly traveling to India to practice and receive the great teaching of Barath Shetty.

Yoga is, according to me, a great personal development tool. It is both a space that you offer to yourself, from where you can observe yourself without judgment, build self-confidence, a stronger identity, and release and / or live without any risk your emotions. Practiced every day, yoga helps to soften and strengthen not only the body but the mind as well. It also develops a deep musculature.

Last but not least, Yoga helps to focus on the essential, to tame fears, to ease anxieties and reduce stress. In our more and more demanding society, Yoga provides an ideal space for distanciation, strength and relaxation.


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