Bristol Maryott

Providence, RI
United States

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Bristol Maryott is an Advanced-certified Jivamukti, prenatal yoga & Ashtanga instructor with over ten years of experience teaching. Bristol owns Jala Studio Yoga & Art in Providence, RI. At Jala, Bristol offers a Mysore-style Ashtanga program as well as Jivamukti and prenatal classes. Bristol ’s Jivamukti vinyasa classes incorporate hands-on assists and vigorous flows as well as quieter restorative postures and meditation practices. She draws strongly on the tenets of Jivamukti as well as her studies of the Ashtanga, Anusara and Iyengar yoga methods. Bristol’s practice and teaching is informed by the light and grace of her teachers, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Saraswathi Jois, & Ruth Lauer-Manenti. Bristol also pursues a career in art history and is passionate about animal welfare.


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