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Jackson Hole, WY
United States

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My name is Brit Hastings and I am thrilled to join YogaTrail! I grew up in Hanover, New Hampshire. I have a younger sister (Tira, 24) and a younger brother (Sam, 18). My parents, grandparents, and extended family all live in the “Upper Valley” so Hanover is very much still home. I came to Jackson in June 2014 for a change of scene after two years teaching and coaching at Kimball Union Academy. Our family friends were in the process of opening Turpin Meadow Ranch and, ever a Dixie Chicks fan, I jumped at the chance to see some wide open spaces.

I grew up in an active household hiking and playing soccer and then went on to race for the alpine ski team at Bates College. When I graduated, I tried yoga, running, and boot camp classes too. In my first job I tutored high school students with learning differences, coached ski racing, and served as an academic advisor and dorm parent. I always cheered for the underdog (which is every high schooler) and encouraged my students to recognize their own strengths and ability to persevere beyond the next test or race.

We all have role models who we admire and strive to emulate, but I think that the best coaches make you want to be your best self; they provide you with the tools to imagine your potential outside the blueprint of their own success. My goal is to empower students in this way, to trust in their own bodies and intelligence.

Of course, it is never as easy to take your own advice. Personally, being in my body is both my greatest joy and my biggest struggle. I love connecting with myself through movement but have also gone through periods when I’ve felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin.
Too many women are spending too much time on this inner conflict which is one reason why I am so grateful for venues where women can support each other and begin to change the conversation. The theme of self-acceptance initially drew me to yoga and that message is at the heart of how I practice and teach. As a certified health coach, nutritional consultant, and life coach (currently just amongst friends),
I seek any opportunity that allows me to share the message of self love.

For me, this includes meditation, journaling, high-quality food, and movement, of course. I am a believer in bio-individuality which is the theory that suggests that each individual has unique dietary needs and should eat accordingly. In other words, there is no o"ne-size fits all" diet. I eat a seasonal, plant-based diet with organic animal protein… most of the time. I do however, say yes to alcohol, sweets, and other indulgences but I just try to keep everything in moderation. My quick go-to snack or meal is avocado toast with olive oil, salt, turmeric, and arugula. Add an egg and you’ve got protein and healthy fat that will keep you going strong!

When I am not at Pursue, I am working as the blog editor at YogaToday, a Jackson company that creates online yoga classes with local and international instructors. YogaToday has presented an incredible opportunity to learn about production and I have enjoyed working at the intersection of yoga, writing, and marketing. When I am not teaching yoga, I enjoy being outside; whether it’s pick-up soccer or a trail run, or skiing in the winter.

I look forward to connecting with you on the mat!




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