Brit Jette

Forty fort, PA
United States

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Hi! I am Brit. I am a 200 ryt. I trained at the Always At Aum Yoga School. I currently teach classes at Prana Yoga, The Wonderstone Gallery, and Symmetry.

Yoga is a very personal practice for me and has helped me through very dark times in my life. I am here as a teacher to help others find their truth and reconnect with themselves. My purpose in my classes is to bring the nasty shit we hide in the crevasses of our bodies up and use the asanas and breathe to work through it. Teaching students to do this will not only deepen their practice, but help them off the mat as well.

I started teaching a Metal Yoga class on Friday nights at 8:30pm Prana Yoga and this is what I am very passionate about. I know from experience the effects different Metal Music has on the body and on one's soul. There is honestly nothing like it, there is something that pushes you farther when you are holding your warrior I I and Midnight "You Can't Stop Steel" is playing and you are all of a sudden steel and that Warrior II has no hold over you. There is something about that heavy bass that wakes up what is heavy inside of you so you can let it go. There is something about the sounds of Windhand that just make the whole practice feel sacred. There is nothing like it! I cannot describe how grateful and humbled I am to be able to take that journey with my students!

When I am not practicing or teaching, I am painting. I am an artist, which my yoga practice has really helped me greatly with. It helps me to let go of restrictions and paint freely and without fear or judgement. My website is here if you'd like to see any works

Thank you and I hope to see you in a class!

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