Britney (Bindi) Stables

Victoria, BC

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Bindi is an internationally celebrated yoga and meditation teacher. Her approach to yoga asana encompasses a fusion of alignment based Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin & Restorative approaches which offer direction towards a state of being–which reveals the Love, Bliss and Truth of our own Divine Nature.

Facilitating yoga classes, workshops and retreats around the world, and offering online yoga videos and resources, Bindi is committed to teaching yoga as a lifestyle and path to freedom and Bliss in the body, mind and spirit.

Bindi’s skill as a teacher comes from her deep, inner quest for love, bliss and truth which has led her to travel around the world from India, to Thailand, to Nepal, Bali and more, studying practices and techniques that aim at unfolding this state of being. Cultivating and practicing these ancient wisdom teachings has awakened a deep passion within her to guide others on the path of Self-Realization.

Known for her inspirational, loving spirit, Bindi offers authentic yogic and spiritual teachings in a language of compassion, love and humour that is accessible to all. Bindi is devoted to sharing the true essence of yoga through example and a vast array of yoga practices and philosophies including asana, pranayama and meditation as well as various methods from the other wisdom traditions.

Her devotion to sharing the true essence of yoga, supporting students on their yogic journey and her endless love and compassion to all beings is Bindi’s greatest gift to this world.


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