Brittany Hallau

Denver, CO
United States

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When I turned to yoga as a wonderful retreat from an office job, my mind and body slowly began to open up to the practice. I found that yoga not only relieved my stress and made my body stronger and more flexible, but it also gave me a refreshed attitude and awakened my creativity and excitement for new possibilities in life. I was inspired to take Dawnelle Arthur’s 200 hour yoga teacher training at Qi in Denver to learn more about the practice of yoga, and I quickly found that I also loved to teach yoga to others.

I've found that I am endlessly fascinated by how the body moves, and how movement and meditation can keep us feeling young and healthy. I recently joined a certification program for a biomechanics-based movement training called Nutritious Movement. I'd like to share with you the things I learn and experience that inspire me, suprise me, challenge me, and motivate me as I continue to learn more about human movement, yoga, and meditation.

I teach yoga to help others discover the freedom that I've found yoga can bring into our bodies and lives. In the body, our practice allows us to find freedom from tension, stiffness, and instability. We explore freedom in the mind through the practice of mindfulness to bring us into the present moment and to help us let go of unhelpful thought patterns and emotions that make us feel stuck or restricted. From this place of ease and expansion in the body and mind, we are invited to live from a more honest and inspired place. We are able explore the idea that our lives, like our bodies, can be free to move and flow in ways we never thought possible.


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