Brittany Richard

Lincolnton, NC
United States

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Meet Brittany. A 28 year old, mother of two, & Plus-Size Yogis who currently lives in North Carolina.

Since early child hood Brittany has battled with a binge eating disorder, obesity, depression, & negative body image issues. At age 26, Brittany discovered her love for yoga in March, 2014, shortly after having her second child. Like many women & mothers, Brittany found herself at a place in life where she knew she needed to become more active and healthy for herself and children. In the beginning Brittany struggled to accept her body and to love herself but through her practice of yoga & meditation this now, 28 year old 'plus-size' yogis is helping others find a new way of living life without limitations. Brittany says “Yoga hasn’t always come easy for me. It’s taken a lot of hard work, dedication, and the right mind set to get to where I am today.” As a larger, curvier woman Brittany now teaches ‘Body Positive’ Yoga Classes that are designed with everyBODY in mind. Her Body Positive Yoga classes are perfect for anyone looking to try yoga for the first time or for those with experience but are seeking to practice with others who are similar in shape & size. Brittany is committed to providing a welcoming, judgment free environment that cultivates and promotes self-love and acceptance. In her self-challenging Vinyasa styled class you will be guided through accessible yoga poses that strengthens the body and mind. Brittany's fun & unique style of teaching is not directed towards 'losing weight'. Instead she encourages her students to step out of their comfort zone and to embrace their bodies. Brittany's goal as a yoga teacher is to build stronger & more confident women & men, and for you to learn how to reconnect and enjoy your body again.

Join Brittany on the mat for a body positive yoga experience that will leave YOU feeling STRONG, CONFIDENT, & EMPOWERED.

To see more of Brittany's inspiring yoga practice you can find her on Instagram,

"I think the most important thing that people need to learn is that there is no “yoga body.” There are only the bodies that we have, which are all different, and which can all do yoga. Large or small, young or old, any body can be a yoga body."



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