Brittney Hay

Southwick, MA
United States

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I am a Youth Yoga Instructor, certified with Child Light Yoga, ages 4-12, from Massachusetts, and soon to be in Colorado, close to Colorado Springs in 2016. I am teaching now at the YMCA Of Greater Westfield and am substituting for the adult yoga classes, hoping one day I can receive my 200 hour Yoga Instructor Certification.
This is a new place for me, finding myself on this new journey and am looking to teach children the path of yoga, and with that, learning from them too, as children as natural yogis.

Watching children grow and find what they love by being their true selves is what inspires me to teach. They enjoy simple moments, to look inside and see they are already perfect and unique in their own way, no competition, with no hesitation to be who they truly want to be, what makes them happy, and grow with peace, wonder, strength, and compassion. My goal is to share this path to enlightenment, this importance of why we are here. With the use the path of yoga and the journey of mindfulness, and connectedness through asanas, meditation, bringing the mind and body together, we can make our future generations more at peace. Connecting to not only the Spirit of the self, but with nature and the universe around us.

In simpler terms for children, I enjoy teaching children of all ages, and new moms and/or parents to join in on a fun, and safe environment, letting the children learn yoga in a playful and carefree way, as children help us keep our inner child alive. I include in my teachings, variations of games to play and learn asanas, visualizations using imagination, and simple meditations to help them relax in a relatable way. Also, Iwill include as the classes continue, everyday principles we shall all abide by, for example, staying healthy- keeping ourselves healthy and our bodies happy, treating our Earth in a respectable way is one way to live, and more.

With that said, I am looking for new faces and places and am surrendering to the flow of the Spirit, wherever it may guide me to grow and be love. I am open to all advice, comments, and questions.
Thank you for taking out the time to listen.
We are all divinity,
Love & Let Love ♡


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