Brittney Hiller

Beaufort, SC
United States

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Hi ya! I'm Brittney Hiller + I teach bomb-diggity yoga classes.

Since high school I have practiced yoga - I am thankful of my dance teacher, Mrs. Slater-Warren for introducing me to the spandex clad yogini on VHS!

I am forever grateful!

Honestly, what other form of exercise can you think of that ends with a yummy nap? Oh yes, this was definitely my teenage-self's dream come true!

I have studied with many teachers such as Craig + Helen Whitley (Laughter Yoga), Baron Baptiste (BPVY), Mark White (Power Vinyasa Yoga), Shakta Khalsa (Kids Yoga), and many more.

As the eldest of five girls, my youngest sister is 21 years my junior - I am blessed with an abundantly playful attitude + I take that into every class I teach. I may specialize in vinyasa, but I am a pro at incorporating laughter and playfulness into every class!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I offer an in depth look at anatomy and alignment + add yummy hands on assists as encouragement to get you deeper into your practice.
Plus they just FEEL good!

I am so excited to share my love of yoga with you!

I am pumped to get you excited, too!