Britton Jamison van Nunen


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Britton Jamison van Nunen (RYT 200) began her exploration with yoga 20 years ago with Rani Willems at the Osho Humaniversity. It is in the past few years that she developed a "serious" relationship with her yoga practice and has completed her teacher training in Amsterdam with Anat Geiger, Johan Noorloos and Marcel van der Heil Vis. She has participated in workshops with David Lurey, Shiva Rae, Elena Mironov and she has completed following Sadie Nardini’s Total Transformation Teacher Training ( Anatomy &Flow). Teachers such Sarah-Jane Rawkins, Leah Kline and Simon Rowe are an ongoing inspiration to her. She continues to pursue her education in yoga and the healing arts. Healthy breathing and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in her classes. Britton's teaching style is intuitive and no class is the same, but the theme always is: Be real, be you, be here, be now. Her classes embody the fact that our practice serves as a base for creating healthy relationships with ourselves and our ways of facing challenges in our lives. The support from her teachers and the encouragement from her students have helped Britton to become the teacher she is today.

For that, her gratitude is infinite.


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