Brooke Hallstead

Scranton, PA
United States

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Brooke has been practicing yoga since 2011. What started as a physical fitness journey, soon became an emotional and spiritual journey. For three years Brooke watched her inner self open up and transcend all difficulties in her path, realizing that yoga is much more than a practice on the mat, but a practice of the mind in daily life.

She discovered the powerful healing of Reiki and is certified in Usui Reiki Level 2. Along with energy work, after three years of practicing yoga, Brooke committed to becoming a certified teacher in 2014. After being certified by Always-At-Aum yoga school in New York, Brooke went on to teach in local studios and universities.

Within the next year Brooke will be attending a yoga internship in California, and plans to travel to India as a study abroad student. Using these new experiences she hopes to expand her practice, and those of her students. Brooke has a passion for learning and then sharing her knowledge with others. She is honored and humbled to hold space for students to let go and drop into the flow of their own divine path.


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