Bryony Bird

United Kingdom

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Bryony was first introduced to Yoga during her teens by her Mother. Since then she has deepened her own practice through studying with many teachers and being open to all styles and systems. This exploration has allowed her to engage with her body and most importantly get to know herself.

Bryony undertook teacher training in order to further her understanding of yoga and found sharing her knowledge and communicating with students was a natural progression. She continues to be inspired all forms of yoga, being particularly intrigued by the subtle details of alignment, different body types and the energetical body.

Her classes include variations for all levels, sensitive hands- on adjustments, a focus on correct breathing and most importantly a lot of smiling.

Bryony is eternally grateful to Melanie and Emil for bringing her back to Astanga and can currently be found practicing under the guidance, support and limb tying of Hamish Hendry or daydreaming of being back in Mysore studying at The Astanga Yoga Institute.


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