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I quit my Personal Assistant job in 2016 and embarked on a yoga teacher training in Thailand and never looked back. I have now been teaching Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidrâ since 2018. Actually, I'd rather say that I guide people through their yoga practice. What do I love the most about Yoga ? It is accessible to EVERYONE !

Whatever your reasons to begin this beautiful and transformative Yoga journey, it opens the doors to yourself and, beyond that, to others. Your yoga practice is like a date with yourself where all you have to do is breathe, slow down and just BE. I see it as an act of self care and self love. Il is like an « all in one » practice : mind, body, spirit.
These are 4 verbs I often use during my yin classes : LISTEN (in)...

Yoga is like the dance of life to the rhythm of your breath and the inner percussions of your heartbeats.

I like to think of the yoga mat as a magic carpet, a mirror, a best friend, a laboratory.
A magic carpet because it takes you to unknown places within yourself. It is like a passport for an « all around your inner world  journey» .
A mirror because, whatever feeling or sensation you might experience during a pose, it often reflects the way you deal with certain situations in daily life.
A best friend because Yoga practice invites you to learn to accept yourself the way you are.
Finally, I think of the yoga mat as a laboratory as you experiment your senses, tune into your body, learn to know what props to use and what poses might trigger emotions.
Every practice is a little journey where you go on a self discovery tour, exploring the depth of your own being.
I always feel deeply grateful when I look at the relaxed, calm, serene faces of my students and feel the palpable sensation of peace and well being at the end of a class.


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