Caitlin Lange

Littleton, CO
United States

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Hello! My name is Caitlin. It is my passion to help people reconnect with and heal themselves through yoga (as well as with my massage and Reiki practice). I have a beautiful Colorado grown daughter and I enjoy connecting with Mother Earth in any way I can.

My teaching style comes from a combination of the classical Hatha tradition, which combines pranayama (or breathing exercises), asana (physical postures) and meditation and Ashtanga yoga, the eight limbed path. I also throw my own personal twist into the mix, making my style unique and accessible to all levels of practitioners.

A typical class with me is conducted in a timely manner, following a specific agenda. Each and every one of the students who walk into one of my classes are treated equally, fairly and with the utmost respect. The flow of my classes are carefully designed to prepare the body and mind for the apex (or peak pose) of the class. This allows for not only an enjoyable learning experience, but helps to prevent strain and injury. I provide a gentle touch and direct, specific queuing to guide students to make any necessary adjustments so they can experience the body, breath and mind come into alignment. I also incorporate an emphasis on mindful breathing and the holistic aspects of yoga. I offer each student’s genuine effort and commitment to their practice big smiles, high fives and positive affirmations, supporting and encouraging self-acceptance and self-love. Finally, each class has a theme or intention woven into its fabric. Through the progression of class, I expound upon the theme to infuse it not only into the practice of yoga, but into the practice of day to day living. I encourage a light heart and open mind in yoga and in life and look forward to seeing your smiling face in class!


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