Caitlin Lanier

Boise, ID
United States

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As a ballerina in high school, I was drawn to and fell in love with the nurturing and balancing effects of yoga and those profound attributes continue to astound me in my practice today. Throughout powerful changes and life experiences including trauma from sexual assaults, an eating disorder, the rigors of ballet and physical activities, and job/life-related stress, I’ve been consistently drawn to my yoga practice. For the last 13 years, yoga has offered me a safe haven to cope with stress, triggers, and emotional imbalances in a non-violent and compassionate way by tending to the needs of my body and learning to be present and accept myself as I am. My healing journey is ongoing and I feel so honored to get to share the practice of yoga with others to aid in their healing journeys as I recognize that all human beings' possess an innate ability to heal.

I am interested in the mind-body-spirit connection as well as embodied approaches to healing. I believe in the transformative effect of yoga for emotional, physical, and mental well-being. I recently graduated from Boise State University with a Master’s in Social Work where I have been able to integrate the transformative powers of yoga with the healing capacity of social work. Over the last two years, I have developed and taught several trauma-sensitive yoga programs for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, conflict-related trauma, and various other types of trauma (big and small).

My intention when serving as a yoga guide is always to provide a safe and supportive space for folks to explore, experiment, and investigate how various yoga forms feel in their bodies and ultimately, my hope is that through listening to the unique language and wisdom of their bodies, folks will experience their own innate capacity for healing, resilience, and transformation. I hope to meet you on the yoga mat someday very soon!


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